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Safe Environment

The crisis in the Catholic Church, which began in the Archdiocese of Boston with the revelations of sexual abuse of minors and has spread throughout the world in a widening cycle of failure and recrimination, has not left the Northwest unscathed. Indeed, as a Jesuit Parish, St. Joseph is keenly aware of the anguish caused not just by the failure of individuals but by the systemic failure of the Church to accept responsibility and provide appropriate care for the most vulnerable. In light of this history, and the call of the Gospels, St. Joseph Parish is dedicated to reconciliation of the past and to the highest standards of protection for the future.

As a Parish, we fully adhere to the Archdiocese of Seattleā€™s Safe Environment Program. Staff are all certified in this area. Further, all parishioners, parents, and volunteers who work with vulnerable populations are required to take the three hour Safe Environment Training Program and annual updates.

Classes are held several times a year at St. Joseph and at neighboring parishes throughout western Washington. Classes may be taken in any parish in the diocese.

This training does not aim to stop the predatory individuals, but to help all of us to recognize the warning signs of abuse and to empower us to act before a child or vulnerable adult is harmed. It teaches us to take responsibility in a way that we, as Church must, if we are to heal our history and bless our future.

For more information consult the Archdiocesan Website.

Documents for Church Personnel (Volunteers and Paid Staff):
    Volunteer Background Check and Authorization
    SEP Church Personnel Agreement
    Policy for the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Abuse, Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harrassment
    Code of Professional Conduct for Church Personnel
    Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Minors and Vulnerable Adults
    Automobile Insurance Statement
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