Choose Life

Praying the Rosary, Advocating for the Unborn

The Choose Life Ministry at St. Joseph's help inform our community that life is more than a choice, it is sacred gift.

Every effort to save a human life, each and every life, puts a smile on the face of the Lord, as we accept and cherish his greatest gift. We organize around our involvement in the Pro-Life Movement and help to spread awareness of the many activities there are to get involved. As a small group, we come together whenever there is new information or programs available to discuss recent events and decide how to share this with the rest of the community.

Prayer serves to connect us and is, in itself, efficacious. As Mother Teresa once said: “Prayer is the strongest weapon that we have."  Many of us gather each first Thursday at 7pm in the Loyola Chapel of the Parish Center to pray the rosary and enjoy the companionship of community.

Get Involved

Contact us and we will be sure to let you know when there are pro-life activities, such as meetings, demonstrations, and prayer gatherings. For more information, please email Peter Wurmbauer at chooselife@