Outreach Partners

Collaborating in Service

In living out our Parish Vision Statement, St. Joseph aims to develop continuously all of the great relationships we have with outside organizations that work to support people in need. Many St. Joseph parishioners have found that working with these organizations have given them new understandings of their faith and the world.

These intentional relationships have varying degrees of reciprocity and involvement but each seeks to be mutually beneficial. Our goal as a parish is to build up our own sense of solidarity both with those we serve alongside with and the communities and organizations that make this service possible. 

Get Involved

Most of the organizations we partner with have very developed teams, so you can contact them directly to find out how to get involved. Some of our Outreach Partners count among their volunteers active parishioners here at St. Joseph and you are invited to call on them directly to learn more about the many opportunities and events where you can contribute and discover yourself a part of a vibrant community.

Our Outreach Partners are listed on the right and there are always other organizations with whom we are currently building relationships, in hopes that the bonds between us develop to sustainable partnerships.

For more information about the nature of our Outreach Partners, please contac tthe chair of our Faith Justice Commission at faithjustice@ or Deacon Steve at stevew@.