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Baby Corner & WestSide Baby Merge To Expand Services

The merger of St. Joseph’s Baby Corner and WestSide Baby is a tribute to the successes of each organization and a recognition of the very real need to expand ser- vices for local children in need.

More than a year ago, as both the Baby Corner and WestSide Baby focused on how to meet the growing demand for supplies and clothing, the respective boards looked for ways to expand. Baby Corner board members were attracted by the up-to-date operating systems of WestSide Baby. And WestSide Baby’s board members were drawn to the central city focus and supporters of the Baby Corner. After months of careful due diligence and reflection, they decided - each by a unanimous vote -to merge. The mission of St. Joseph’s Baby Cor- ner continues.

A number of benefits will result from this merger:

• More diapers will be available each month for fami- lies as Baby Corner providers benefit from WestSide Baby’s “affiliate” designation with the National Diaper Bank Network. (Food stamps do not cover the cost of diapers, which on average cost $100 per month.)

• A centrally located facility will remain open as will WestSide Baby’s White Center operation. Until displaced by development, the Baby Corner space on 18th Ave will remain open and then another nearby space will be set up.

• Additional drop off sites and hours for donations will be available soon.

• WestSide Baby’s collection and distribution will include clothing for children up to age 12 extending the service to kids through elementary school and creating greater opportunity for impact for Baby Corner supporters.

• Local hospitals will have the opportunity to stock an on-site emergency supply of car seats and layettes.

• Volunteer opportunities will soon increase, carrying on the tradition of service that has been a hallmark of the St. Joseph community.

• By combining the strengths of the Baby Corner and WestSide Baby, services to struggling families in under-served areas will be expanded.

Change is never easy. But the ethic of community service that drives the WestSide Baby team and the people who worked and volunteered at St. Joseph’s Baby Corner makes an ideal match to expand the services. The hard work of Baby Corner founder Jeannie Jaybush and the corps of volunteers in the St. Joseph Community created a legacy of service for babies in need. WestSide Baby is committed to honoring that legacy and moving the important mission of supporting local children in need forward.

Our thanks to all of you who have supported the Baby Corner over the years and to Fr. Whitney and Steve Wod- zanowski for their enthusiastic support. The merger-tran- sition plan will unfold over the course of the next year, under the leadership of Nancy Woodland, Executive Director. Please send your comments or questions and email and mail addresses to sbjcinfo@westsidebaby.org or nancy@westsidebaby.org. Keeping you informed is very important as things progress. Compared with U.S. Mail, communicating by email means we can provide two extra diapers!

Please continue to support the work of this vital ministry - there’s a lot to do!

Board Members, Liz Sperry Overland, Donna Whitford, Dr. Terry Sweeney & Winnie Sperry

For more information visit westsidebaby.org