Noah Sealth of Seattle

Persons with a developmental disability, through their transparency and authenticity, have the unique capacity to touch our lives. Through their gifts of welcome and spontaneity, as well as a deep sensitivity to matters of the heart, they can break down barriers to enrich and challenge us as human beings.

L'Arche is convinced that our societies are in need of these qualities and that people with a developmental disability can be real teachers who are able to lead us back to what is essential in life. This is why what L'Arche has to offer St. Joseph Parish is not a group of the poor to be served (especially since we recognize that we are all poor in one way or another) but a community of hope with members who have necessary and vital gifts to share that are all too often ignored by society.

L'Arche groups infuse gatherings where people are shy and hesitant transforming them into a lively place of communion, forgotten self-consciousness and joy!

All religious faiths are respected by L'Arche. The members of the L'Arche communities have long walked with the St Joseph community as friends and fellow pilgrims of faith, sharing, with disarming simplicity, their hopes, prayers, joys, sorrows and inspirational resilience.

We are proud to be their companions.


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