Noel House

Serving Women

On the third Thursday of each month, four to five St. Joseph parishioners bring a home-cooked meal down to 24 women in transitional housing at Noel House in downtown Seattle. We serve the residents and share a meal with them. Everyone is welcome to participate in anyway they can by donating a part of the meal such as a salad, side dish, dessert or drinks,  (second graders and Girl Scout troops have made batches of cookies or cupcakes on a regular basis), helping to serve, or by donating money for food and supplies.  The women enjoy the home-cooked meal and continually say that St. Joseph's brings the best meals! 

Noel House Programs provide a safe, comfortable shelter to a diverse community of homeless women, particularly those most vulnerable. We strive to create an environment of dignity, respect and compassion. We recognize the intrinsic value of each person and honor her unique experience.


Since its inception in 1990, Noel House Programs has offered nightly shelter to single women experiencing homelessness. Over the years, Noel House Programs has grown to include a variety of services, including referrals to 15 emergency shelters, nightly meal service, and case management at the main Noel House shelter. In total, Noel House Programs assists 72 women with nightly shelter, 20 women with permanent housing and 180 women with nightly emergency shelter referrals.

Program Overview

In September 2010, Noel House Programs transformed its 40 bed emergency overnight shelter into two unique residential programs: 20 units of permanent congregate housing for chronically homeless women, and 20 units of time-limited shelter (women can stay for up to one year) with 24-hour access.

These changes to our main shelter have had a profound impact on the women we serve. By offering a safe place to be around the clock, the women are better able to address health issues, focus on goals and build relationships and support systems within the community. This model of service delivery allows women to move out of survival mode and allows them to truly thrive.

Noel House Volunteer-Run Shelters Volunteers coordinate shelter for 22 homeless women year-round. Our partners in community include St. John's Catholic Church, Temple de Hirsch Sinai, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Bethany Community Church.

St. Mark's Emergency Shelter

Each night, 30 women find safety and community at St. Mark’s Emergency Shelter. While this is a staffed shelter, a ministry of dedicated volunteers from St. Mark's Cathedral creates a warm, welcoming environment at bedtime and breakfast.

Women's Referral Center

The Women’s Referral Center is a safe, welcoming place where women can request shelter referrals and transportation to nightly shelters. In partnership with multiple service providers, the Women’s Referral Center refers 180 women nightly to 15 area shelters. Evening meals and hygiene services are also available. The Women's Referral Center operates from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every night of the year. It is located at 2030 Third Avenue in Seattle.

Get Involved

For more information please email Sue Georgulas or Kathy Fawthrop or call Deacon Steve at 206-965-1646.