Liturgy Survey

Please take our annual liturgy evaluation survey!

Thank you in advance for participating in this evaluation.  It should take about 10 minutes.

This survey is designed to assist the pastor and parish staff in understanding the aspects of liturgy that support parishioners in full, active conscious participation in the liturgy. We want to know what elements of how we celebrate Mass together help deepen your experience of worship and/or your engagement in the community. We also want to hear from you about elements of our worship together that take away from your experience, that you have questions about and/or that you find distracting.

In undertaking this survey, we acknowledge that we are a diverse community. What may be inspiring for some people, may be distracting for others. Our intention is to use this feedback to affirm those things which deepen our community worship experience. We also want to determine whether there are elements of how we worship that might benefit from some changes. 

The parish Liturgy & Worship Commission will meet in December to study the results and will share these results in an executive summary after the New Year.


Your Age?
Which Mass do you normally attend?
How often do you participate in mass?
How many years have you been at St. Joseph?
If you have children, how many?
What in the liturgy enhances your prayer and draws you closer to the community and to God? (Consider elements such as: preaching, presiding, music, environment, hospitality, movement,posture and flow)
What detracts from your experience of liturgy or is an obstacle to prayer? (Consider elements such as: preaching, presiding, music, environment, hospitality, movement, posture and flow)
Do you experience the liturgy here at St. Joseph as welcoming to diverse individuals/communities? What helps? What hinders?
Anything else we should know?