A Letter from Fr. Glen

Friends, Peace of Christ –

Thank you for the many emails and phone calls over the past weeks, welcoming me as I begin my time as pastor at St. Joe’s. Of course, I have been part of this community off and on for many years; I’ve called the neighborhood home since I was a young man, and so many of us already know each other. This is my home!

Front and center these days is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, concerns about how schools will reopen in the Fall, how the economy will trend as we move into autumn, how racial injustice continues to divide and terrorize our communities, and how national and local politics will play out in the midst of these crises. But even in times such as these, we believe “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb 13:8). The world is turning, the earth is moving beneath our feet, but we keep our eyes on the Lord. For God is love. And love remains.

As a family of faith, we pledge to protect our seniors and the most vulnerable among us from this dangerous plague. We promise to fulfill our duty to provide for the education of our youth, as we tighten our own belts and work toward economic recovery. We stand in unwavering solidarity with all those who experience the injustices of this world. And, in the words of the prophet Isaiah, we set our faces like flint as we move into a pivotal election cycle.

To help lead us through these challenging times, I am establishing a new consultative St. Joseph Parish Pastoral and Mission Council and hereby name the following as members of the Council:

Vince Herberholt (Chair)

Sheri Andrews

Cassie Chinn

Mimi Krsak

Leo Lyons

Terry Mayberg

Denise Muyco

Kaitlyn O’Leary

Andy Perez

Roger Rigor

Matt Tilghman-Havens

Alex Vallejo

Please join me in thanking them for their upcoming service as I declare that lay leadership is my organizational priority. Lay leadership, lay responsibility, and lay ministry remain the core and the truth of our parish. Our parish staff, who are extraordinary and in whom I have full confidence, works for you. I work for you.

Look forward to a new communications strategy that will assist our community in drawing closer to one another, as we reveal the workings of God’s grace in our midst. Look forward to a new Finance Council with greater transparency and member control over the parish budget. Look forward to returning to Mass in person, confident that responsible ministry teams are providing for the safety and security of our community.

I will be in touch with you soon and in the meantime, we will hold each other in our prayers.

~ Fr. Glen Butterworth, SJ

July 1, 2020