Annual Catholic Appeal 2019

Donate Now to the 2019 Campaign!

Annual Catholic Appeal—A Gift that Keeps Giving--

THANK YOU for contributing to the 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA). The ACA gives St. Joseph Parish an opportunity to support the work of the wider church in Western Washington - the education of seminarians, support of retired priests and women religious, the work of Catholic Community Services, multicultural ministries, and so much more.

Through this one gift, each of us and all of us embrace those whom the rest of the world so often overlooks. This year, the St. Joseph Parish assessment for the ACA is $162,011. A very significant amount, reflective of the generosity already shown in this Parish. While it is important to note that if we do not raise this amount through the ACA campaign we must make up the difference through our ordinary income, our hope is that this community will show itself ready to help both the local and the larger Church. Our witness, so important to Catholics throughout this region, relies upon each person's willingness to act as part of this community.

To make your ACA gift directly to the Seattle Archdiocese, donate online HERE:

or submit your completed ACA envelope in the basket during Mass.

To all who have given to the ACA in the past, and today, THANK YOU!

**Please note any amount over this will be returned to St. Joseph and will be designated to support ministries of outreach to immigrants and refugees.