Renée Leet

Administrative Assistant

Renee was raised and educated in southern California near the Pacific Ocean. While studying business at Cal State Northridge, she received the Gregg Award for office administration skills.

Later, Renee married and moved to England where she became a "lady in waiting" -- expecting her first born. She was asked to run the evening group of University of Oxford's International Gourmet Club and discovered it was an amazing opportunity to meet women from all over the world and be introduced to their culture and cuisine.

Renee's family returned to the States and she became a speaker for Birthright in Colorado. But, an opportunity to move to South Africa opened up and so the family relocated and together they lived there for almost seven years. While in Cape Town, Renee helped establish Pro-Life of South Africa and Marriage Encounter.

While in South Africa, Renee visited the St. Joseph Home for Chronically Ill Children, where she later volunteered to teach the children skills with which they could earn money through contributing their arts and crafts. At St. Michael's Catholic Church in Cape Town, the family attended the children's Christmas Eve Mass. Renee brought that concept to St. Joseph's in Seattle and that began our annual Children's Christmas Eve Mass, which has become a favorite tradition in the parish.

In 1988, Renee co-founded St. Joseph's Baby Corner. The new service organization grew quickly as so many people responded with good will, providing the basic necessities for mothers and infants in need. Renee learned from public health nurses and social workers that this program was actually contributing to the reduction of Seattle's infant mortality rate.

Pursuing the spiritual side of life, Renee had always wanted to know more about the Bible and so she studied both the Old and the New Testaments for seven years. She found these studies to be a revelation in her faith life and provided her with useful information, especially when working on the Prayer Tree for the parish bulletin.

Each Monday Renee plays a quick game of Scrabble with one of the parishioners and fun. The friendship flourishes because they don't keep score!

Each and every day Renee recognizes her work at the Parish Center as a gift - and that the important role she plays in the parish was an answer to prayers made over 20 years ago.