Men's Ministry

A Community of Fellowship

We are a longstanding group of men who find and create meaningful community here at St. Joseph Parish. We welcome all men of all ages and at places along the pathway of life to join us in our many gatherings and participate in our community.

We are professionals and teachers, fathers and grandfathers, some work in industry and some work in NGOs and in community services. Many of us are graduates of Jesuit schools and alumni of the Jesuit Volunteers. Some of us live here in the city and some on the Eastside or on the peninsula or even on the islands but we come together to stay connected and share in experience of life.

Each year we organize a number of great events that provide opportunities for prayer and reflection and supportive discussions. These gatherings will charge the batteries of our faith and are always a lot of fun.

Get Involved

For information about how to assist with the planning of events or how to participate, including offering to host an event, get directions to where things are happening, inquire about costs or the needs of the group, please email men@. To see a flyer with our upcoming events, click here.