the Jesuit Connection

Going Deeper: the Parish Challenge

Thousands of Puget Sound residents are graduates of Jesuit schools and universities on the West Coast, while thousands more attended a Jesuit school elsewhere in the country or around the world. The Ignatian family in the United States includes 50 high schools, 28 colleges and universities, 66 parishes, and 22 retreat centers.

Here in our own NW corner of the world, there are many connections and shared experiences between those who attended or have taught at St. Joseph School and Holy Names Academy, Seattle Prep, Bellarmine Prep, Gonzaga Prep, Portland's St. Andrew's and Seattle Nativity, Catholic Schools of Fairbanks, Jesuit High, Seattle University, and Gonzaga University.

Our parish community is certainly part of this bigger picture of Jesuit Catholic works and indeed there are more than a dozen Jesuit parishes here on the West Coast. Each Sunday we welcome visitors with all sorts of Jesuit connections, visitors who feel at home here - if only we had the time to get to know each other more fully!

Get Involved

St. Joseph Parish is a living, sacramental community and as such our sense of belonging runs deep. The community here at St. Joseph shares much in common with other Jesuit works; as a community it is built upon actual relationships and living commitments. 

Please join us and be our guest at St. Joseph. If you are interested in becoming a member of the community, please let us know and we will help you make your time here meaningful and your engagement challenging.

It takes, on average, four years of hard work to earn a diploma or degree from a Jesuit school. It takes the same dedication to truly enjoy the benefits of becoming an active, contributing member of our parish community. We invite you to explore our parish community and see if it's right for you. Please consider joining us and discovering the next step in Ignatian formation.

Contact Fr. Julian if you'd like to have a conversation about wading into parish life here at St. Joseph.

1. ACTIVATION: choose St. Joseph as your community of faith through registration, either on-line or in person;
2. AFFIRMATION: claim annually St. Joseph as your community through your pledge of prayer and support;
3. PARTICIPATION: live in the community of St. Joseph through engagement in the life and ministry of the Parish.