Faith Formation

Growing in Wisdom and Faith

Faith Formation combines intellectual development and spiritual growth. Intellectual development takes place through learning more about scripture and tradition, the history and challenges of the Church through instruction and dialogue. Spiritual growth takes place through spending time in prayer and reflection, both communally and individually. Additionally, we encourage spiritual growth through direct service and outreach.

As a parish, St. Joseph nurtures intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, and spiritual formation in all its members, while also seeking to foster a respectful dialogue with the culture-at-large and other religious traditions.

Explored in our parish Vision Statement, we desire to understand the teachings of the Church, to explore the rich symbols and history of our Faith, to foster deeper relationships with God, and to support a common vocabulary for talking about our Faith.

Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission forms and supports a spiritually and intellectually active community at St. Joseph by:

  • developing educational programs appropriate to age and circumstances;
  • supporting programs that nurture a sacred relationship with God,
  • Creation, and our local and global communities;
  • fostering dialogue and discussion in the Catholic Jesuit tradition.

Our many ministries of formation are listed on the right and are organized into Baptism - being the prime sacrament of initiation into the community, Children's Faith Formation, Confirmation, our parish Youth Ministry groups, our programs of ongoing formation for adults, and our related works and organizations. Our mutual relationships with these organizations serve to augment our spirituality offerings and extend the life of the parish into the broader community.

Charged by our mission of growing in awareness and developing our intellects and our capacity for dialogue and engagement, the ministries of Faith Formation are always in need of fresh perspectives and so you are invited and encouraged to seek out how best to participate in this crucial area of our community life.

From those who take seriously the development and passing on of our many, rich traditions to those who help to gather in likeminded seekers, challenged to articulate contemporary expressions of time-honored spiritualities, our faith formation teams are full of vibrant, loving people working together for the sake of the Church in the world today.

Get Involved

To learn how you can contribute to and benefit from these many ministries, please contact our commission, at faithformation@ or any of the ministry coordinators and staff you will find listed in subsequent pages.



Youth Faith Formation Commission Members: Mary Klubben, Ryan Anderton, Charlie Wood, Jesson Lim Mata, Ian Anderson, Jennifer Wood, High School Student: Sarah Mirkin and High School Student: Liam Bell