Being Welcomed into the Faith

Baptism is the first of three sacraments of initiation into the Catholic Church, the Body of Christ. In living out our Parish Vision Statement, St. Joseph aims to educate and celebrate this sacrament through classes and weekend liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

Brief Overview

As a faith community to which people from the ages of birth to adults are received into the faith, this sacrament is truly a community celebration.

The first step is learning about the Church and the sacrament of baptism. This is done through classes for parents and godparents of infants and children, but also classes for children 5 years to 8 years who take age-level classes with their parents, and finally, for teens and older, those people interested in becoming a Catholic will participate in monthly classes beginning in the fall.

The second step is the baptismal celebrations which happen during the Masses. For infants, these take place at the weekend liturgies from August through to June. Older children are baptized during the Easter season, and adults are baptized during Holy Week, as part of the great Easter Vigil Mass.

Please visit the specific page for your program. If you are not a member of St. Joseph Parish, we welcome you to register with our parish prior to taking classes and begin to explore life here in our community. If you are just looking for baptism preparation classes for infants as a parent or godparent, you are most welcome to sign up for classes at anytime.

Get Involved

We have an active volunteer team for each area of baptismal education and preparation. There are opportunities to help at anytime during the year for infant baptisms and for older children please contact Marie Pitman at mariep@ to begin helping in the early fall.

For more information about having your child baptized at St. Joseph, please contact Marie Pitman.