Liturgy & Worship

Celebrating Our Faith

The parish community of St. Joseph gathers together to pray and worship throughout the liturgical year. Prayer, especially the celebration of the Eucharist binds our community together to give honor and glory to God and to recognize the real presence of Christ and the Spirit in one another.

Through the celebration of our faith, we are empowered to live out our parish mission statement: Ignited by the Eucharist to love and serve.

Reflected in our parish Vision Statement, we desire to grow as a community of prayer. Centered on the Eucharist, we seek to create a liturgy of 'radical energy' to challenge & confront, to support the personal & communal balance that we seek in our lives, and to nurture the legacy of our elders while passing on our heritage to a new generation of the faithful.

Liturgy and Worship Commission

The Liturgy and Worship Commission promotes and deepens the communal
prayer of the St. Joseph community by:

  • sustaining the living traditions and practices of the Church;
  • developing and supporting other forms of prayer and spiritual enlightenment;
  • evaluating and discerning the on-going worship of the People of God

Get Involved

If you are involved in these ministries, thank you. If you are interested in getting involved and sharing and developing your gifts, please explore these areas of our life together listed under the red bar to the right entitled Liturgy & Worship. You can submit your contact information and preferences via the inquiry form, or click on the ministry links listed under the red bar to learn more and reach the various coordinators of our many groups. 


Mass & Liturgy Schedule


St. Matthew


Liturgy & Worship Commission Members: Diane Lostrangio (Chair), Drew Becker, Jennifer Paquette, Joy Sherman, Sue Grady, Jenner Mathiasen, Jim Hanneman, Anne Santee Stoner, Catherine Mirkin and Gayle Sommerfeld.