Eucharistic Ministers

the Body and Blood of Christ

Yours is the work of ministering Christ’s body and blood to the body of Christ, the church. You minister holy food to holy people in the holiest of all communions.

Eucharistic Ministers have a special delight and joy in sharing the Body and Blood of Christ with the “Body Of Christ.” That is to say, we who are gathered to celebrate the paschal mystery: the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eucharistic ministers have a particular gift for reverence. They are never hurried and put this reverence into practice when sharing the bread and the cup with others at communion while looking us in the eye and saying: “Body of Christ” or “Blood of Christ.” To which we respond with: “Amen.” Yes…so be it. They have gift for being truly present to others in this brief moment they have and speak their own faith in these few words while calling forth the faith of the communicant in their response. They know they are brothers and sisters in this very body and blood they are sharing.

This ministry is open to all youth and adults who love the Eucharist, have been confirmed, and who strive to show Christ’s love in their daily living.

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For more information and to become part of this important ministry please contact team captain Mary Sepulveda at eucharisticministers@