Prayer Groups

Where 2 or 3 Are Gathered

“Ignited by the Eucharist: to Love and Serve.” This is the mission statement of St. Joseph Parish. Clearly the Eucharist, as such, is the primary activity of the parish. Our vision statement calls us to “have faith in God working in one another, that we see and trust the Spirit in our midst, and that we find ways of listening and walking as women and men of the Incarnation.”

The statement goes on: “Connected, then, to our liturgy, our parish vision must include a devotional and prayer life—in individuals and communities—by which liturgy (and all other parts of the community) are fed, and through which the young come to own their Catholic culture. To engage the “radical energy” of the Holy Spirit, we must be united by prayer and offer opportunities for devotion and silence, that God might speak to us by speaking to individuals. The need for intimacy, vulnerability, prayerfulness must be fostered among us.

There are myriad opportunities to take part in the prayer and devotional life at St. Joseph apart from Sunday liturgies. To the right you will find a listing of these as well as contact information.