Parish Life

Life Together, in the Spirit

We are particularly blessed in our parish life here at St. Joseph. Diverse, talented, generous, and welcoming, our parish community gathers liturgically each week to celebrate our shared faith. And we gather in so many other ways to strenghten our companionship and our care for one another. As a community of faith, we see Christ at work in the rich history of our parish and in the lives of each newcomer.

Articulated in our parish Vision Statement, we desire to foster hospitality and a sense of personal belonging, to value each person's presence and to deepen our common purpose. We welcome diversity and strive to include actively all who come to St. Joseph.

Parish Life Commission

The Parish Life Commission strengthens the community of St. Joseph by:

  • welcoming new members into the Parish;
  • making current members feel welcomed through celebrations and social opportunities;
  • building and uniting various communities of life.

The Parish Life Commission is charged with promoting and shepherding our shared life together by means of our many community ministries, including the three signature We Are St. Joseph events that we host each year: the Fall Picnic, the St. Patrick's Dinner in March, and Spring Celebration Dinner. 

Grouped around some commonality of life experience, our Parish Life ministries provide places and times where we can grow and share our faith lives through active participation in community, social events and retreat opportunities that nourish and enrich our lives together.

Get Involved

If there is a Parish Life area that you would be interested in learning more about, please contact our Parish Life Commission chair KerriLyn Vander Heyden.

You'll  find contact information for many coordinators in the pages of the ministries themselves and you're encouraged to reach out to the pastoral team if you'd like to start a ministry that doesn't yet exist within the parish.


Parish Life Commission Members: KerriLyn Vander Heyden (Chair), Joe Laber (Co-Chair), Ana Martins, Ifeoma Okoro, Linh Dam, Marianne Pettijohn and Mary Helen Bever.