Sister Parish

San Bartolome Arcatao, El Salvador


In our 30th year of solidarity, the Sister Parish relationship between St. Joseph's and San Bartolome parish has grown and sprouted into many different partnerships.  This relationship began in the midst of El Salvadoran civil war and now finds us in the midst of mass emigration and the need for local economic opportunity.  Please explore the different links to learn more about the ways that St. Joseph's and San Bartolome continue to walk together in solidarity.  


For over twenty years, St. Joseph's has been supporting scholarships for students from our Sister Parish to continue their education past high school level.  For more information, follow this link: 


DHP Current Cohort

Current DHP Cohort

Sustainable Livelihoods Initiative

Find out how St. Joseph's and Seattle University have partnered with our Sister Parish to create the Sustainable Livelihoods Initiative providing alternatives to outbound emigration by helping launch micro businesses with social impacts. 


SLI Team Photo

SLI Project Team

Special Projects

Over the years, St. Joseph's parish has partnered with San Bartolome to identify and meet needs that are arising in the local parish communities, from a pick up truck ambulance to Tilapia ponds.  Explore this section to read an update on the recent water project and upcoming special projects!

Special Projects

Water Project Cistern

Work on the Recent Water Project!

Presentation on El Salvador