Parish Communities

Communities of Faith

We are blessed here St. Joseph in having strong communities that are self-sustaining and able to provide community leadership for the life of the parish.

Generations of the faithful have contributed to the overall mission of the Church and the parish and they have done so by drawing together those in similar stages of life to celebrate and to serve the common life of the community. Whether you are a young adult or farther along on the journey of life, our Parish Communities are a place where you can both contribute to and benefit from the sharing of gifts and talents of many others.

Besides the communities listed here, we have other groups of friends and neighbors who come together to share in community life but are more organic in their organization. If you would like help finding your way to these communities, let us know. Or, if you would like to provide your own leadership gifts to making these existing communities more regular and so recognized and welcoming to the broader parish by all means contact the pastoral team, and we will be happy to help you by providing meeting space and other resources.