Welcome to St. Joseph

Ignited by the Eucharist to Love and Serve

From the century-old origins of our parish, the community of St. Joseph Parish has been an example of God’s presence in the world. Ignited by the Eucharist to love & serve, we are called to a passionate and personal relationship with God and our world.

Today, our parish is home to 1800 families. Nearly 1/3 of our parishioners are active volunteers in our ministries, contributing both time and talent to our 3 dozen ministries, undertaken to serve those in our parish and to the elderly, ill, and needy in our area. Our parish school forms 600+ children from kindergarten through 8th grade. Our religious education and youth program ministers to nearly 350 families.

Our parishioners are as complex and diverse as the first disciples, coming for various reasons and with varied ways of living out their commitment to our community. Some come seeking greater depth in their life of prayer; some for greater understanding of the faith they profess; some come because they desire a values-based education for their children; and some seek a place of beauty & respite in a difficult world; some come because they long to do justice with others; and do not quite know what they seek, but come from habit or obligation or an inchoate longing of the heart.

No matter your reason for joining us, know you will be warmly welcomed by community members. If you want to join us, please follow the following steps:

  1. ACTIVATION: choose St. Joseph as your community of faith through registration, either on-line or in person;
  2. AFFIRMATION: claim annually St. Joseph as your community through your pledge of prayer and support;
  3. PARTICIPATION: to live in the community of St. Joseph through engagement in the life and ministry of the Parish.

Be sure to register, to explore our volunteer opportunities in the areas of Liturgy & Worship, Parish Life, Faith Formation, and Faith Justice - and stay up to date, via our events calendar

One of the best ways to get to know your new parish is to join us for each of our We Are St. Joseph seasonal celebrations - beginning in the fall with the Parish Picnic. Introduce yourself and be prepared to be amazed.

Please reach out to us as we look forward to getting to know you better. Email welcome@ for more information.