How We Can Help

Grace in Giving, Grace in Receiving

Passionate social outreach, private prayer, public worship, education of the young, care of the old, doing for others, acknowledging our own poverty and working for justice, living a history and opening the door to the future - whatever your interest, there is a place for your passion within our St. Joseph Parish community.

If you would like to get more involved in the work of the parish, please let a member of the pastoral team know.

But if you yourself are in need of assistance, please contact us to let us know. On behalf of the community, we can probably help or at least point you in the right direction.

Pastoral Needs

We all have pastoral needs from time to time and it's at those moments when we are so grateful for our parish community.

Perhaps you need someone to visit you or a loved one either at home or in a care facility or hospital. Perhaps you need someone to bring you Communion or you would like to ask the parish to pray for you or someone you love. Perhaps you are longterm parishioner who now needs help getting to Mass. Perhaps you are navitgating your way through a marriage case and need assitance. Please let us know what your need is and we will do our best to respond well.

  • Hospital & Homebound Ministry
  • Prayers and Mass intentions
  • Transportation to Mass
  • Assistance with Marriage Cases

Perhaps your pastoral need is more a matter of spiriutal enrichment. If you are looking to learn more about Ignatian spirituality we invite you to explore the offerings of the Ignatian Spirituality Center and Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life: Puget Sound, both of which have offices here at the St. Joseph Parish Center.

Material Assistance

If your need is in the area of material or financial assistance, one of our many ministries might be able to help you or your loved one. A good first stop would be the St. Vincent de Paul Help Line Center has access to resources and is organized to respond to your need in a timely and respectful manner. Please call them directly at (206) 767-6449 or visit their website St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle/King County.

If you are unsure of how to proceed and need assistance, please email Renee Leet or call (206) 965-1640 and she will be delighted to help.