Matrimony F.A.Q.


Q. Who can be married at St. Joseph Church?

A. Normally, marriage at St. Joseph Church is a sacrament for those who are registered, active parishioners. We have a long history in the Catholic Church of celebrating the sacraments as a community of faith. There are exceptions to this ideal and we can discuss the possibilities.

Q Who officiates at our weddings?

A. Normally, weddings at St. Joseph are officiated by Fr. John, Fr. Glen, or Deacon Steve. Another Catholic priest or deacon can officiate if there are pastoral reasons, with permission.

Q. Are those who are not Catholic able to be married at St. Joseph?

A. Yes, if they are marrying a Catholic parishioner.

Q. Are those who have been previously married able to be married at St. Joseph?

A. If a spouse is deceased or if there has been an annulment then a marriage is possible. Those who are divorced but have not sought an annulment should discuss the possibilities with Deacon Steve.

Q. What preparation is required for couples wishing to be married?

A. Marriage in the Catholic Church is a sacrament and a lifetime commitment. As such, there are expectations of wedding preparation, a comprehensive Pre-Marriage Inventory or questionnaire and time spent with one of the pastoral team here at St. Joseph. Couples are also required to participate in a marriage preparation program. This will be part of the conversation you have with Deacon Steve.

Q. When do weddings happen at St. Joseph?

A. Saturday is the usual day for weddings as well as Friday afternoon. They are never celebrated on Sundays. Also, the Church discourages celebration of weddings during the entire season of Lent.

Q. Do Catholic weddings always take place in the context of a Mass?

A. Not always. Weddings can be celebrated either during the celebration of Mass or as part of a Liturgy of the Word. Normally, weddings are celebrated during Mass only when both the bride and the groom are Catholic.

Q. Are there policies regarding the content of the wedding service, such as the readings and the music?

A. There are policies and norms around what happens during the wedding celebration. Please take a look at Fr. John’s book on planning your wedding and be sure to discuss your plans with the celebrant.

Q. How does a parishioner get a wedding scheduled?

A. Scheduling is an important part of the process of wedding planning and it is important to note that St. Joseph Church is often scheduled far in advance. Once you have met with Deacon Steve we will be able to begin the conversation about scheduling your wedding.

Q. How does someone who is not an active member of the parish arrange for a wedding at St. Joseph?

A. Normally, weddings at St. Joseph are for those who are regularly active parishioners. If there are reasons why you believe your wedding should take place at St. Joseph, please discuss this with either Fr. John or Deacon Steve.

Q. What are the fees for a wedding at St. Joseph?

A. Weddings at St. Joseph require the participation of staff and use of the space and as such there are fees involved. The general fee for the space helps defray the costs of our services, which usually include a wedding coordinator for the day of the wedding as well as setup and cleanup of spaces used. The recommended donation for registered, active parishioners is $1,000. The fee for those who are not registered, active parishioners is $2,000. There are also fees for musicians as well as the celebrant, in either case.

If you want to be married at St. Joseph, please contact Deacon Steve and he will be happy to discuss your wedding plans with you.